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Lagniappe Potpourri: Performances
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Leadership Board

Producers - Josh Hoffman & Lilly Meehan-Egan

Scenic Designer - Isa Figlioli

Lighting Designer - Henry Blasingame

Stage Manager - Claire Chevalier

Props Designers - Kirsten Krieman, Rachel Miller, & Kira Noe  

Technical Director - Katie Matmaan

Sound Designer - Maggie Tinsley

Costume Designers - Jules Brown, Lillian Jones, & Yetong Li

Choreographers - Lily Lederer & Nicki Montenegro

Directors - Andrew Kline, Chris Sciortino, & Laura Stone

Band Directors/Conductors - Eli Friedman & Alexandra Riedinger

Choral Directors - Ethan Burfield & Jordyn Pritsker

Head Composer - Cameron Baba

Head Writer - Anna Feinerman


Enjoy the Ride


Lagniappe-Potpourri is New Trier's variety show. It features original scenes, songs, and dances as well as student-designed sets, lights, and costumes. Students are mentored in all levels of production and decision-making including building, choreographing, composing, conducting, designing, directing, managing, marketing, performing, producing and writing. Lagniappe-Potpourri develops student leaders and artists within the philosophy of the Performing Arts Division.

Running Crew

Stage Manager - Claire Chevalier

Assistant Stage Managers - Reagan Maydew & Ethan Hoffman

Fly Master - Skylar Aronson

Light Board Op - Isabelle Cowen

Sound Board Op (A1) -Maggie Tinsley

Sound Effect Op - Trenton Rothbard

Spotlight Ops - Delaney Parris, Max Bennett, & Mimi Newcomb

Mic Technicians (A2) - Elijah Barker & Paul Graham

Wardrobe Coordinators - Emma Greenlees, Jake Rasof, Sydney Gaines-Wheeler, Adina Grossman, Petra Ilic, Rebecca Miller, & Julie Oelerich

Floor Crew - Elizabeth Hoffhines, Izzy Fischer, Jack Malmed, Eddie Nayman, Max, Bennett, Ty Bennett, Mimi Newcomb, & Harold Stricklin

Contruction Crew

Skylar Aronson, Elijah Barker, Max Benecke, Max Bennett, Ty Bennett, Natalie Circolone, Lucie Cohen, Katherine Connolly, Isabelle Fischer, Bella Friedman, Katie Frohling, Lucy Gale, Lilly Gilbert, Robert Gosser, Paul Graham, Joshua Grossman, Sage Harper, Elizabeth Hoffhines, Ethan Hoffman, Alice Hu, Mary Huber, Bobby Johnson, Hunter Kain, Jack Malmed, Zoe Malmed, Reagan Maydew, Rebecca Miller, Phoebe Moy, Marc Muller, Irene Nam, Eddie Nayman, Meredith Newcomb, Sarah Olson, Juliana Orjuela, Delaney Parris, Elizbeth Payan, Josh Pucé, Ericka Pugliese, Isabella Rechtin, Trenton Rothbard, Lauren Russell, Layla Saqibuddin, Paige Sheridan, Zoe Stein, Harold Stricklin, Marie Tasiopoulos, Brooklyn Tracy, & Grace Traxler

Costume Crew

Adina Grossman, Petra Ilic, Grace Lee, Isabel Mangum, Julie Oelerich, Jake Rasof, Katie Weis, Isabella Wojewski, & Sydney Gaines-Wheeler

Lagniappe Potpourri: Text
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