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1. L/P 2021: Look at Us Now

Gaffney Auditorium


August 11 -- 19 BUILD

August 20 -- September 3 -- LOAD IN

September 4 — September 20 -- TECH/DRESS

September 21 & 22 - 7 PM PERFORMANCES

September 23 - 4:30 PERFORMANCE

September 27 - 30 -- STRIKE

Lagniappe-Potpourri is New Trier's variety show. It features original scenes, songs, and dances as well as student-designed sets, lights, and costumes. Students are mentored in all levels of production and decision-making including building, choreographing, composing, conducting, designing, directing, managing, marketing, performing, producing and writing. Lagniappe-Potpourri develops student leaders and artists within the philosophy of the Performing Arts Division.

Who made it Happen!

Ella Bostrom
Emily Boyd
Megan Caserio
Ava Chaplick
Avery Donaldson
Natalie Fischer
Charlie Hayden
Henry Iida
Jack Murray
Dawn Jang
Kaya Jansen
Connor Kane
Margo Pagonis
Shea McKeough
Charlie Ronan
Lauren Schnizlein
Megan Trubey
Ari Wendrow

Assistant Stage Managers: Emily Boyd, Ava Chaplick
Fly Master: Natalie Fischer
Followspot Operators: Shea McKeough, Ari Wendrow
Mic Technician (A2): Harold Stricklin
Floor Crew: Ella Bostrom, Charlie Hayden, Margot Pagonis. Serena Vandergrift
Wardrobe Assistants: Kaya Jansen, Jack Murray
Projection/Sound Operator: Roxie Harris, Elizabeth Stone

Producers: Ethan Hoffman, Elizabeth Payne
Band Directors: Anya Liu, Dubravko Rodriguez
Choreographers: Joshua Grossman, Sammy Obel
Costume Designers: Sam Gordon, Cae Parkhill
Lighting Designer: Meeghan Jakob
Music Composition Coordinators: Stephen Paul, Connor Williamson
Props Designer: Connor Kane
Scenic Designer: Margo Pagonis
Sketch Writing Coordinators: Roxie Harris, Elizabeth Stone, Harold Stricklin
Sound Designer: Maggie Kruse
Stage Directors: Bella Friedman, Victor Pascucci, Grace Traxler
Stage Manager: Alberto Ayerza
Technical Director: Serena Vandergrift
Vocal Directors: Hope Kim, Sarah Olson

Faculty Sponsors:
Nina Lynn - Head Sponsor & Producing Mentor/Sketch Composition Mentor
Carolyn Gerhardt - Assistant Sponsor & Sketch Composition Mentor
Matt Temple - Assistant Sponsor & Vocal Direction Mentor

Faculty Mentors:
Anders Jacobson - Technical Direction/Scenic Design Mentor
Denise Karczewski - Lighting & Props Design, Stage Management Mentor
Bruce Daugherty - Band Direction Mentor
Katie Kritek - Choreography Mentor
Hilerre Kirsch - Directing Mentor & Winnetka Performing Arts Coordinator Emily Daugherty - Costume Design Mentor
Grover Hollway - Sound Design Mentor
Malcolm Ruhl – Music Composition Mentor

Production Gallery

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