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Lagniappe Potpourri: Performances


Not What You Think


Lagniappe-Potpourri is New Trier's variety show. It features original scenes, songs, and dances as well as student-designed sets, lights, and costumes. Students are mentored in all levels of production and decision-making including building, choreographing, composing, conducting, designing, directing, managing, marketing, performing, producing and writing. Lagniappe-Potpourri develops student leaders and artists within the philosophy of the Performing Arts Division.

Leadership Board

Producers - Alex Detrempe & Grace Verhoog

Scenic Designers  - Mari Lariviere & Elaine Sowlat

Lighting Designer - Henry Blasingame

Assistant Lighting Designer - Rachel Miller

Stage Manager - Kara Struckman

Props Master -  Maggie Seymour

Assistant Props Master - Mack Hall

Technical Director - Sofia Mena

Assistant Technical Director - Claire Chevalier

Master Electrician - Christian Tingle

Assistant Master Electrician - Marus Chong

Costume Designer - Bibi Belknap-Fernandez

Choreographers - Lily Lederer & Elise Reehl

Directors - Elena Cata, Teddy Fischer, & Jacob Imber

Band Directors - Jared Glaaser & Drew Morhun

Choral Directors - Lian Oh - Ella Torres

Composers - Sarah Shapiro & Jared Glaaser

Running Crew

Stage Manager - Kara Struckman

Assistant Stage Managers - Isa Figlioli & Katie Maatman

Fly Master - Noah Burfield

Light Board Op - Kira Noe

Sound Board Op (A1) - Will Kerpan

Sound Effect Op - Olivia Hart

Props Assistants  - Lucy McDowell & Meici Yang

Spotlight Ops - Daniel Friedland & Joe Handleman

Mic Technicians (A2) - Cameron Baba, Halle Powell, & Isabelle Rechtin

Wardrobe Coordinators - Lilly Meehan-Egan, Rebbecca Smith, & Simone Wall

Floor Crew - Josh Pucé, Billy Nayman, James Owen, Andrew Brierly, Louie Madanguit, Ian Michelson, Adina Grossman, Quinton Eudy, & Max Bennett


Contruction Crew

Cameron Baba, Max Bennett, Jasper Bickers, Sage Bradford, Andrew Brierly, Jules Brown, Tori Budin, Noah Burield, Claire Cohen, Quinton Eudy, Anna Feinerman, Isa Figlioli, Daniel Friedlan, Sydney Gaines- Wheeler, Jamie Goldman, Adina Grossman, Mia Hales, Joe Handelman, Ellie Hartman, Katie Klaskin, Skye Ko, Brianna Logvinsky, Katie Maatman, Louie Madanguit, Owen May, Carter McDermott, Rachel Miller,  Billy Nayman, Kira Noe, Julie Oelerich, Simon Okun, Jame Owen, Eva Roytburg, Grace Shin, Sidney Speicher, Zach Stein, Marie Tasiopoulos, Maggie Tinsley, Grace Tobey, Meici Yang, Renee, & Greta Zimmer


Costume Crew

Kylie Boyd, Jules Brown, Lili Daskais, Alexis Heredia, Lillan Jones, Grace Lee, Yetong Li, Lilly Meehan-Egan, Rebecca Smith, Smione Wall, & Noah Zelinsky

Lagniappe Potpourri: Text
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