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Once Upon a Matress

Music : Mary Rodgers
Lyrics: Marchall Barer
Book: Jay Thompson, Dean Fuller, & Marchall Barer
Director: Anne James-Noonan
Music Dir: Nathan Landes
Orchestra Dir: Peter Rosheger
Choreographer: Jen Cupani
Scenic Design/ Technical Dir: Anders Jacobson
Lighting Designer: Denise Karzewski
Sound Design: Ben Zeman
Costumes: Anna Jones



Once Upon a Mattress tells the tale of Princess Winnifred and her quest to wed Prince Dauntless, son of silent King Sextimus and domineering Queen Aggravain. Since the Queen doesn't really want to lose her precious little boy, she devises a "Sensitivity" test that Winnifred must pass. The princess must try to sleep atop 20 mattresses, beneath which a single pea has been placed. Over 70 New Trier High School Juniors and Seniors comprise a company of "singing and dancing ladies and knights in a magical kingdom that has an opening for a Princess,"

FINAL OUAM poster.jpg
Running Crew

Stage Manager - Grace Verhoog

Assistant Stage Managers - Katie Maatman & Henry Blasingame

Sound Board Op (A1) - Will Kerpan

Light Board Op. - Kira Noe

Props Master - Maggie Seymour

Props Assistants - Isa Figlioli & Cameron Baba

Followspot Ops. - Kirsten Krieman & Elaine Sowlat

Fly Master - Alex DeTrempe

Audio Technicians (A2) - Kara Struckman & Paul Graham

Drawbridge Ops. - Christian Tingle & Rachel Miller

Floor Crew - Louie Madanguit, Jules Brown, & Renee Zhou

Wardrobe Crew - Isabella Wojewski & Isabel Dube

Crew Leadership

Stage Manager - Grace Verhoog

Co-Technical Directors - Katie Maatman & Henry Blasingame

Student Scenic Designer - Marcus Chong

Student Lighting Designer - Alex DeTrempe

Props Master - Maggie Seymour

Master Electrician- Christian Tingle

Charge Scenic - Elaine Sowlat & Mari Lariviere

Props Assistants - Isa Figlioli & Cameron Baba

Construction Crew

Cameron Baba, Henry Blasingame,  Jules Brown, Marcus Chong, Alex DeTrempe, Isabel Dube, Isa Figlioli, Paul Graham, Kirsten Krieman, Mari Larviviere, Katie Maatman, Louie Madanguit, Owen May, Reagan Maydew, Rachel Miller, Kira Noe, Maggie Seymour, Elaine Sowlat, Kara Struckman, Christian Tingle, Grace Verhoog, Isabella Wojewski, Renee Zhou

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