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2. Bring it on: The Musical


October 10 - November 7th -- BUILD

November 8 - 16 -- LOAD IN

November 18 - December 1 -- TECH/DRESS

December 3 -- 7 PM PERFORMANCE

December 4 & 5 -- 4:30 PM PERFORMANCES

December 6 -- 7PM PERFORMANCES

December 7 -- 4:30PM PERFORMANCES

December 8 -- 2PM PERFORMANCES

December 10 - 12 -- STRIKE

Bring It On is a story about cheerleading and the drive to win nationals. Beyond this, though it is a story about striving for equality in an unfair world. Campbell is a student at the very affluent Truman High School who leads her cheer squad when district lines are suddenly redrawn and she finds herself being transferred to the inner city school of Jackson High. There is no cheerleading at this school, and the opportunities available at this school are sparse when compared with Truman. Campbell approaches the Dance Team at Jackson and tries to convince them to start a cheerleading squad. They are resistant, but when Campbell lies and says the winning team at Nationals has given college scholarships the Jackson High students, seeing this as a path to be able to attend college, are in. As they prepare for Nationals and competition with Truman High Campbell has to get her team ready and keep her deception about the rewards for winning a secret. Along the way, she learns about friendship,

Who made it Happen!

Alberto Ayerza, Elijah Barker, Michael Caplan, Katherine Connolly, Ben Frydman, Lucy Gale, Cara Hall, Elizabeth Hoffines, Kirsten Krieman, Owen May, Reagan Maydew, Ben Morabito

Stage Manager - Henry Blasingame
Assistant Stage Managers - Reagan Maydew & Katherine Connolly
Light Board Op. - Kirsten Krieman
Sound Board Ops. (A1) - Elijah Barker & Owen May
Props Master - Reagan Maydew
Followspot Ops. - Alberto Ayerza & Connor Kane
Audio Technicians (A2) - Elizabeth Hoffhines & Ben Morabito
Floor Crew - Michael Caplan, Ben Morabito, & Elizabeth Hoffhines

Stage Manager -  Henry Blasingame
Student Scenic Designer - Katherine Connolly
Student Lighting Designer - Kirsten Krieman
Props Master - Reagan Maydew
Student Sound Designers - Elijah Barker & Owen May

Music: Tom Kitt & Lin-Manuel Miranda
Libretto: Jeff Whitty
Lyrics: Amanda Green & Lin-Manuel Miranda

Director: Ryan Dunn
Music Director: David Ladd
Choreographer: Jennifer Cupani
Pit Director: Matt Temple
Designer/Technical Dir: Anders Jacobson
Sound Designer: Grover Hollway
Costumes and Props: Sue Romanelli

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